How do I install a patch?

Article ID: 58
Category: Installation
Applies to: All Versions up to v2.93.1
Updated: 2019-07-31

NOTE: Patches can only be applied to the same version the patch was designed for. For example, a patch for version 2.90 cannot be applied to a 2.81 installation.

Please follow these steps to install a patch and ensure that all computers in your network get the latest executables:

  • Double-Click the patch and follow the instructions. You should not receive any error messages during the patch installation. If you do, then the patch was most likely not install properly and one or more files where not updated (read the notes at the bottom if this is the case).

  • Reboot the computer if you are prompted to do so. It will only be necessary to reboot the computer where the management application is installed. You will not have to reboot all the monitored computers.

  • After the reboot is complete, make sure that the patch was successful by navigating to Help -> Check for Updates in the EventSentry management console. All files should show the latest build.

  • Perform a "Remote Update" to update the agents on all remote machines. Right-click the "Groups" container and select "Remote Update" -> "Manage Agent(s)" -> "Upgrade". This will update the agent on all remote computers.

Important Note:
If you are having problems applying the patch then you can try to run the latest full installer instead. Problems applying a patch are usually resolved by running the latest installer over an existing installation.

If you are still having problems updating to the latest version, then you will have to uninstall the current version and reinstall the updated version. When uninstalling, make sure that you have a backup of your configuration and that you check all the checkboxes to keep the configuration, database, heartbeat status files etc.. A reboot is usually not necessary when uninstalling and reinstalling EventSentry.