Even though I configured EventSentry correctly, I am not receiving emails from the agent(s).

Article ID: 61
Category: Notifications
Updated: 2022-06-09

There are a number of reasons why you might not be receiving emails from the remote machines running the EventSentry agents. Please check each step below to resolve this problem:

  • Make sure that your AntiVirus (e.g. McAfee) software is not blocking outgoing emails to port 25. See the additional links below for more information.

  • Make sure that your AntiSpam software is not quarantining emails sent by EventSentry. Some products (e.g. Sophos PureMessage) will occasionally quarantine emails sent by EventSentry. It is recommend that you exclude messages from EventSentry in your AntiSpam solution. You can usually achieve this based on the sender email address, recipient email address and/or by the subject.

  • View the "Application" event log on the machine and look for ERROR events with ID 80 or 81 logged by the EventSentry event source. The agent will log these error events to the event log if it is unable to send emails. The events should give you a detailed description as to why sending emails failed.

  • If you are using multiple recipients, try to configure the notification for one recipient only at first. Then, if it works, gradually add the other recipients. You may want to setup a distribution list on your email server instead of specifying multiple email addresses in EventSentry.

  • To verify the email configuration on a remote host, you can copy the "eventsentry_gui.exe" file (which is located in the folder where you installed EventSentry) to the remote computer and launch the file on the remote computer, e.g. through remote desktop or VNC. Then, navigate to the SMTP target and click the TEST button. You can then delete the eventsentry_gui.exe file again.

  • Restart the EventSentry service on the computer that is not sending emails and see if that resolves the problem. Restarting the EventSentry service is usually not necessary, but can solve some problems.

  • Connect to the remote computer ("File" -> "Connect" or right-click the computer icon and select CONNECT) and verify that the configuration is correctly setup, and that all filters etc. show up as intended. If they do not, then perform a "Update Configuration" remote update action.

  • To see whether this problem is related to the email notification or EventSentry in general, create an additional notification (e.g. file, database, desktop etc.) and add this notification to the filter in question. After saving the configuration and triggering the event, see if the other notification does indeed process the event. If it does, then the problem is definitely related to your email configuration. If it does not, then you will need to verify your filters and make sure that they are setup correctly.

Please contact NETIKUS.NET support if you are still unable to receive emails after following these suggestions.