How can I restrict or extend access to the web reports?

Article ID: 67
Category: Web Reports
Applies to: up to 2.93
Updated: 2019-07-31

Access to the web reports can be restricted or extended by changing the NTFS permissions of the actual ASP files, by default located in \Program Files\EventSentry\Web.

To change the permissions, navigate to the \Program Files\EventSentry folder using explorer, and then right-click the "Web Reports" folder. This folder contains all the ASP files, images etc. that make up the web reports. Select properties and then change the permissions by clicking the "Security" tab. You can either add additional users to the list of permissions, or remove existing ones.

Please note that the web reports also need access to all the XML files located in the directory where EventSentry was installed (C:\Program Files\EventSentry by default). Any user accessing the web reports will at least need read access to those files.

In addition we recommend installing an SSL certificate on the server hosting the EventSentry web reports. If you cannot use SSL, then avoid "Basic Authentication" and use "NTLM Authentication" in combination with Internet Explorer.