I keep getting a warning message in the system event log (event id 1047 with event source W3SVC) stating that "The application 'EventSentry' belonging to site '1' has an AppPoolId set, but the property is empty. Therefore, the application will be ignored.

Article ID: 90
Category: Web Reports
Updated: 2006-05-22

This is a warning message only and can usually be ignored and is due to a misconfigured virtual directory. The following steps should resolve the problem:

  • Open the Internet Services Manager from Administrative Tools
  • Locate the "EventSentry" virtual directory, which is usually located under the "Default Web Site".
  • Right-click the EventSentry virtual directory and select "Properties"
  • In the resulting dialog, make sure that the following settings are in place and change them if necessary

Application Name: "EventSentry"
Execute Permissions: "Script Only"
[Windows 2000] Application Protection: "Medium (Pooled)"
[Windows 2003] Application Pool: "DefaultAppPool"

  • Click OK