How can I extend my trial version?

Article ID: 93
Category: Installation
Updated: 2022-06-17

You can extend your existing trial version without loosing any settings and without having to interrupt the monitoring process.

You have two options for extending your existing trial, both options assume that you have already received a new license key. Please email if you would like to extend your existing trial.

  • Wait until the trial version has expired. When you launch the EventSentry management console without a valid or with an expired license key, then EventSentry will prompt you to enter the new license key. Simply enter the new license key.

  • Remove the existing license key and enter the new license key. In the EventSentry Management application, navigate to Tools -> License Management and select "Manage License(s)". Select the trial license and click "Remove". Once the license is removed from the list click the "Add" button to add the new trial license. If you are unable to remove the trial license then please see the link below for a fix.

After you installed the new trial license you will have to transfer the new license to the remote computers and restart the agents. Again, you have two options:

  • In the management application, make sure that "Also update configuration when updating remote agents" is checked under Tools -> Options -> Remote Update. Then, navigate to "Remote -> Update Agent(s)". This will transfer the configuration, update and restart the agents.

  • Right click "Computer Groups" and select "Manage Agent(s)" -> "Stop". Then, right click "Computer Groups" and select "Update Configuration". Finally, right click "Computer Groups" and select "Manage Agent(s)" -> "Start"

When you are done, verify that all agents are running by selecting Remote -> "Check Agent Status"