Sysmon Integration

System Monitor (Sysmon) is a Windows system service and device driver that, once installed on a system, remains resident across system reboots to monitor and log system activity to the Windows event log. It provides detailed information about process creations, network connections, and changes to file creation time.

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Check Process Activity

The EventSentry Web Reports offer a powerful overview on your process traffic. Quickly identify malicious or anamalous activity.

Event Log Summary

Built-in Reports

If EventSentry is configured to also collect NetFlow data, the data provided by Sysmon can be used to examine the associated network traffic generated by the process. Every row in the Sysmon report provides a link to the NetFlow History report.

Process Activity

Trigger Alerts

Email Notification  Email
Jabber Notification  Instant Messages
Database Notification  Database
Pager Notification  Pager
Syslog Notification  Syslog
SNMP Notification  SNMP
Process Notification  Run custom Processes
HTTP Notification  Submit to API
Shutdown Notification  Shutdown or Reboot
Service Notification  Service & Process Control
File Notification  Text File (ASCII, HTML, CSV)
Sound Notification  Sound (play .wav file)
Other Actions  Network (aka "net send"), Printer, Desktop & RSS