Remote Desktop Services: Must require secure Remote Procedure Call (RPC) communications


Allowing unsecure RPC communication exposes the system to man-in-the-middle attacks and data disclosure attacks. A man-in-the-middle attack occurs when an intruder captures packets between a client and server and modifies them before allowing the packets to be exchanged. Usually the attacker will modify the information in the packets in an attempt to cause either the client or server to reveal sensitive information.


To fix this configure the policy value for:
Computer Configuration
|_ Administrative Templates
|_ Windows Components
|_ Remote Desktop Services
|_ Remote Desktop Session Host
|_ Security
|_ Require secure RPC communication to "Enabled".

STIG: Server 2019:
Server 2016:

NIST 800-53: AC-17(2),AC-17(a),CM-6(a),MA-4(6),SC-12(2),SC-12(3),SC-13
NIST Privacy Framework: PR.DS-P6
NIST 800-171 Rev2: 3.1.13
NIST 800-171A: 3.1.13[a], 3.1.13[b]
SIG: M.1.17,N.7,N.5.8,
UL 2900-1: 9.1
CJIS 5.9:
CMMC L2: AC.3.014
CMMC 2.0 Mapping: AC.L2-3.1.13
FedRAMP: AC-17(2)
StateRAMP: AC-17(2)
CSF: NET-14.2
CIS CSC v8.2: 12.7

SRG-OS-000033-GPOS-00014, SRG-OS-000250-GPOS-00093