Remote Management: Unauthenticated RPC clients must be restricted from connecting to the RPC server


Unauthenticated RPC clients may allow anonymous access to sensitive information. Configuring RPC to restrict unauthenticated RPC clients from connecting to the RPC server will prevent anonymous connections.


To fix this Configure the policy value for:
Computer Configuration
|_ Administrative Templates
|_ System
|_ Remote Procedure Call
|_ Restrict Unauthenticated RPC clients to "Enabled" with "Authenticated" selected.

STIG: Server 2019:
Server 2016:

NIST 800-171R2: 3.4.7
NIST 800-53: CM-7(1)
CSA CMM v4: AIS-02, IVS-03, IVS-04
PCI DSS v4.0: 1.2.7
CMMC V2: CM.L2-3.4.7
CMMC: CM.3.068