Network Access: Windowws must not the Server Message Block (SMB) v1 protocol installed


SMBv1 is a legacy protocol that uses the MD5 algorithm as part of SMB. MD5 is known to be vulnerable to a number of attacks such as collision and preimage attacks and is not FIPS compliant.


To fix this Uninstall the SMBv1 protocol.
Open "Windows PowerShell" with elevated privileges (run as administrator).
Enter "Uninstall-WindowsFeature -Name FS-SMB1 -Restart".
(Omit the Restart parameter if an immediate restart of the system cannot be done.)

Start "Server Manager".
Select the server with the feature.
Scroll down to "ROLES AND FEATURES" in the right pane.
Select "Remove Roles and Features" from the drop-down "TASKS" list.
Select the appropriate server on the "Server Selection" page and click "Next".
Deselect "SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support" on the "Features" page.
Click "Next" and "Remove" as prompted.

STIG: Server
2019: /
2016: /

NIST 800-53 Rev5: CM-1, CM-2, CM-6, CM-7, CM-7(1), CM-9, SA-3, SA-8, SA-10
NIST 800-171 Rev2: NFO - CM-1, NFO - CM-9
NIST 800-171 Rev3 FPD: 3.4.1.a
NIST 800-171 Rev3: 03.04.01.a
NIST 800-171A Rev3: A.03.04.03.a
CSCv7: 9.2, 14.3
PCI-DSS v3.2: 1.1.5
PCI-DSS v4.0: 2.1, 8.5