Domain Member: Windows Server must limit the caching of logon credentials to four or less


The default Windows configuration caches the last logon credentials for users who log on interactively to a system. This feature is provided for system availability reasons, such as the user's machine being disconnected from the network or domain controllers being unavailable. Even though the credential cache is well protected, if a system is attacked, an unauthorized individual may isolate the password to a domain user account using a password-cracking program and gain access to the domain.

Is recommended to set this to 4 or fewer cached credentials.


To fix this, configure the policy value for
Computer Configuration
|_ Windows Settings
|_ Security Settings
|_ Local Policies
|_ Security Options
|_ Interactive Logon: Number of previous logons to cache (in case Domain Controller is not available) to "4" logons or less.

STIG Server:
2019: /

NIST 800-53: CM-6b.
CCI: CCI-000366
Rule-ID: SV-28978r3_rule
STIG-ID: 3.013
Vuln-ID: V-1090