Policy Change Tracking

Tracks a variety of policy changes, such as audit policy changes, user rights changes and more.

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You can track several policy-related changes using the Policy Change tracking functionality. This feature covers a wide variety of policy-related activity, including:

  • Domain Policy Changes
  • Audit Policy Changes
  • Kerberos Policy Changes
  • User Rights Changes
  • Logon Rights Changes
  • Trust Relationship Changes

With the policy tracking feature, you can quickly determine when critical domain or computer policices in your network have changed, without having to decipher security events. Retrieving information such as

  • When did an audit policy on a domain controller change?
  • When was the domain user lockout policy changed?
  • When was a trust relationship created or removed?
  • When was a security-sensitive user or logon right assigned to a user?
  • Which logon rights have been assigned last week?

is retrieved with only a few clicks, and all relevant information is immediately shown at-a-glance in the report(s).