Service, Process and Application Monitoring

With Service Monitoring you can monitor all Windows services, drivers and processes easily. You can be alerted when a service or application are unavailable, when a service is added to the system or review the web reports to get an instant state of critical services on your network.

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Service Monitoring Alerts

EventSentry can monitor your Windows and Linux services/daemons and drivers and can alert you of the following:

  • A service or driver changes its status
  • A service was added
  • A service was removed
  • A service was changed (startup type, username, executable)

EventSentry's flexible configuration allows you to either monitor all services or only a selected number of services. In addition, EventSentry can also control the status of one or more service by ensuring that the service is always in the desired state (e.g. running).

Service Monitoring can be configured to generate continuous alerts for mission critical services. Monitoring daemons on Unix-style OSes requires SSH access.

Service Monitoring Reporting

Service monitoring also integrates with the web reports, and service status information can also be recorded in the EventSentry database. Through the web reports you can also access the following information:

  • Current status of all services on a computer
  • Current status of a service on one or more computers
  • Service status history of a service on one or more computers
  • Service uptime statistics

Process / Application Monitoring

In addition to monitoring Windows services, EventSentry can also monitor processes and alert you when one or more processes are not available. EventSentry can generate alerts based on the following criteria:

  • One or more listed processes are not active
  • Fewer than the required number of instances of a process are running
  • One or more processes are continuously increasing their memory usage and thus leak memory

The process monitoring feature can be configured to delay the monitoring of processes until after the OS has completed booting (e.g. 5 minutes), and you can configure with which severity event log alerts are generated.