Can I monitor devices using SNMP?

Article ID: 191
Category: Network Monitoring
Applies to: 3.0.1 and later
Updated: 2021-02-11

Starting with version 2.92, EventSentry can receive SNMP traps with the "EventSentry Network Services" service.

This service includes a Syslog as well as Snmp daemon, processing incoming Syslog messages and/or Snmp traps. Incoming messages can either be logged to the event log and/or the EventSentry database.

SNMP functionality includes the following:

  1. Receive SNMP traps from any network device ("Network Services")
  2. Send SNMP traps from the EventSentry agent to any SNMP management station
  3. Query SNMP counters via performance monitoring ("Heartbeat Monitor")
  4. Retrieve disk space information
  5. Retrieve basic system information (e.g. system name, network interfaces, OS, uptime)