This depends on the notifications used. Below you can find a list of the standard ports used for the support notifications in EventSentry. Deploy Manage or Update agent: Port 445 TCP cannot be changed Outbound from management console to agent machine Collector: Port 5001 TCP configurable Inbound on management console/Outbound on...

KB-ID 40
Category: Notifications
Applies to: All Versions

Starting with version 2.92 EventSentry can receive SNMP traps with the EventSentry Network Services service. This service includes a Syslog as well as Snmp daemon processing incoming Syslog messages and/or Snmp traps. Incoming messages can either be logged to the event log and/or the EventSentry database. SNMP functionality includes t...

KB-ID 191
Category: Network Monitoring
Applies to: 3.0.1 and later

Run the following commands in the terminal: Update package list: sudo apt update Install SNMP: sudo apt install snmpd Next the configuration file for the SNMP daemon snmpd.conf needs to be adjusted. A manual page is located here link to which contains information for addition...

KB-ID 281
Category: Heartbeat Monitoring
Applies to: 3.0.1 and later

Run the following commands in the terminal: Update all packages: sudo yum checkupdate Install SNMP: yum y install netsnmp Next we need to configure multiple entries in the snmpd.conf there is a manual page located here link to which contains information for additional conf...

KB-ID 282
Category: Heartbeat Monitoring
Applies to: All Versions

If you use EventSentry 3.4 and have a build number older than 68 this error can indicate that either the SNMP check failed due to a blocked port UDP port 161 is required or that the device requires SNMP v3 authentication and this has not been set up yet in EventSentry or is set up incorrectly for the device. Please update your EventSentry...

KB-ID 379
Category: Management Console
Applies to: 3.4

Synology diskstations offer a SNMP counter that can be monitored with EventSentry to alert if a system update is available. This information can be obtained by monitoring the upgradeAvailable SNMP OID This counter returns one of the following values: 1: Available 2: Unavailable 3: Connecting 4: Dis...

KB-ID 425
Category: Configuration

Prerequisites The printer or MFD device must support SNMPget sometimes referred to as SNMP polling and must be able to accept incoming requests on UDP port 161. If your printer or copier does not meet this criteria then you won39t be able to monitor it. 1 Log onto the admin interface of your printer or copier and enable SNMP and confi...

KB-ID 430
Category: Network Monitoring
Applies to: 3.0 and newer

The maximum scan time is a setting in the Heartbeat service that determines how long the service will scan a device for SNMPget data and wait for a response. If a device doesn39t respond within the maximum scan time then scan will be interrupted. If this happens several times in a row the heartbeat service will log a 11012 event: Scanni...

KB-ID 495
Category: Heartbeat Monitoring
Applies to: 5.0

EventSentry can retrieve various device information such as disk space ampamp performance metrics via SNMP. This guide shows how to correctly configure and add a device to be monitored via SNMP. 1. Check/Enable/Configure Device to use SNMP 2. GUI: Adding devices 3. Verifying SNMP configuration 4. Viewing information in the web reports 5. ...

KB-ID 451
Category: Network Monitoring
Applies to: 3.1 and later