Does EventSentry support multiple tenants (multi-tenancy)?

Article ID: 266
Category: Monitoring
Applies to: All Versions
Updated: 2022-10-07

Yes, the EventSentry web reports support multi-tenancy through access control and profiles.

Access Control
By enabling access control through the "Accounts" page in the "Settings" menu, access to specific pages or hosts can be restricted based on user name or group membership.

For example, user "John" can be authorized to only view performance-related data, whereas user "Jack" can be authorized to only view data from workstations.

Collected data can also be separated into multiple databases, which are then linked to corresponding profiles in the web reports.

E.g., ACME corporation's EventSentry installation can write to the "EventSentryACME" database, where as ABC Enterprise's EventSentry installation can be configured to write all data to the "EventSentryEnterpriseABC" database.

EventSentry web reports users can also be authorized for specific profiles, so that users from ACME Corporation cannot view data from ABC Enterprise, and vice versa.