Yes the EventSentry web reports support multitenancy through access control and profiles. Access Control By enabling access control through the Accounts page in the Settings menu access to specific pages or hosts can be restricted based on user name or group membership. For example user John can be authorized to only view perfor...

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Category: Monitoring
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If you are unable to deploy the agent to a remote host via the management console then the EventSentry Management Console can generate a MSI file that can be used to install the agent. There are several considerations to take into account before this can be completed: The collector is reachable by the remote hosts Create TCP portforwar...

KB-ID 423
Category: Installation

This HowTo illustrates how to configure EventSentry to support multiple tenants customers utilizing a single installation with multiple databases: Single EventSentry installation One database per customer for isolation One EventSentry Web Reports installation with one profile per customer In this scenario computers...

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Category: Configuration
Applies to: 5.x