One of my servers is behind a firewall/router or in a DMZ, what ports need to be open so that EventSentry can notify the configured actions?

Article ID: 40
Category: Notifications
Applies to: All Versions
Updated: 2022-09-06

This depends on the notifications used. Below you can find a list of the standard ports used for the support notifications in EventSentry.

  • Deploy, Manage, or Update agent: Port 445 TCP (cannot be changed) Outbound from management console to agent machine
  • Collector: Port 5001 TCP (configurable) Inbound on management console/Outbound on agent machine
  • Email (SMTP)(Without Collector): Port 25 TCP (configurable) Inbound to SMTP from agent
  • Syslog: Port 514 (UDP and/or TCP) (configurable) Inbound to management console
  • SNMP Traps: Port 162 UDP (configurable) Inbound to management console
  • SNMP Polling: Port 161 UDP Outbound to the network device
  • Netflow: Port 2055 UDP (configurable) Sflow: Port 6343 UDP (configurable) Inbound to management console
  • Database/ODBC (Without Collector): Microsoft SQL Server (1433), MySQL (3306), PostgreSQL (5432) (all configurable) Inbound to database from agent
  • Network (net send) Action: Default NetBIOS ports (cannot be changed)

Please note again that the ports listed above are the ports assigned to applications by default. They might not apply to your configuration if they were changed by a system administrator.