How do I get notified if a Synology diskstation has a software update available?

Article ID: 425
Category: Configuration
Updated: 2020-04-16

Synology diskstations offer a SNMP counter that can be monitored with EventSentry to alert if a system update is available. This information can be obtained by monitoring the upgradeAvailable SNMP OID

This counter returns one of the following values:

  • 1: Available
  • 2: Unavailable
  • 3: Connecting
  • 4: Disconnected
  • 5: Others

The only values we've observed are either 2 (diskstation is running the latest software) or 1 (an update is available).

In order to get notified when the counter value is 1, is to add the diskstation to EventSentry, set up performance monitoring and add an include filter to trigger an email alert. The update status can also be displayed on a dashboard in the web reports of course.

Adding the Diskstation:

  • Add your diskstation to a network-device group
  • Right-click and select "Set Authentication."
  • In the "Authentication Manager," click '+.'
  • In the "Account Name" field, add "Diskstation SNMP."
  • Click "SNMP"
  • Add the community name in the "Username/Community" field
  • Click "Add," and then "OK."

Configuring the Performance Monitoring Package:

  • Right-click on "System Health" and select "Add Package."
  • Label that package "Synology Diskstation."
  • Right-click and select "Assign" and assign to your diskstation
  • Right-click on the "Synology Diskstation" package and select "Add" and select "Performance / SNMP."
  • Click on the "Performance/SNMP" object and click '+.'
  • Change the collection period to "1 hour(s)"
  • In the name field, enter: System Update Available
  • Change "Windows Counter" to "SNMP Counter"
  • In the SNMP Counter field, enter:
  • Click "Alert"
  • Check "Enable Event Log Alert with severity"
  • Change the "more than" down-down to "equal."
  • Replace the '0' with '1.'
  • Uncheck "Embed chart with...."
  • Click "History & Trending."
  • Check "Record in database every" and change that value to 1 hour
  • Uncheck "Keep History" and click "Add" and select a database action.

General Settings.

Alert Settings.

Configuring include filter with email action:

  • Right-click "Event Logs" and choose "Add Package."
  • Label the package "Synology Diskstation Alerts."
  • Right-click and select "Assign" and assign this to your management console machine
  • Right-click the "Synology Diskstation Alerts" package and select "Add Filter."
  • Label that filter "Synology System Update Available."
  • Add the following information for the filter:
    • Type: Include
    • Log: Application
    • Event Severity: Warning
    • Event Source: EventSentry
    • Category: Performance Monitoring
    • Event ID: 12102
    • Content Filter & Notes: Click + to add a new content filter
      • Text Match Type: Insertion String
      • Insertion String: 4 -> matches
      • Content Filter: Synology Diskstation\System Update Available