Omnusec, founded in 2015 by IT security administrators with years of experience, has a proven track record of helping companies advance their security profile and optimize their overall IT risk and business continuity management. Omnusec provides security audits, Web and IT environment penetration tests, and social engineering, providing a broad range of capabilities to address today’s security needs. Our comprehensive security tests will bring a new state of security awareness to your organization. Recognizing the importance of reacting to security events in real-time, Omnusec highly recommends EventSentry for real-time log monitoring.


Jupiter Technology Corp.

Founded in 2001, Jupiter Technology sells, localizes and supports superior network management software from all over the world. Jupiter Technology has over 5000 customers both in the public as well as private sector.


IT compliance experts

IT compliance experts helps organizations get the most out of their EventSentry installation. They leverage many years of experience in the IT risk management and compliance field, and have been implementing EventSentry for clients for over five years. Their services range from small implementation projects to full-scale IT internal audit outsourcing.

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iService® is a helpdesk application that supports direct integration with EventSentry and streamlines the incident to resolution process. Tickets can be automatically created in iService for important security events, and pre-written follow up responses are available for documenting your resolution.

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