Cyber Security Services Provider

Infinity Cybersec Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based security solutions integrator, delivering end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that transform the way security is approached and consumed. Infinity Cybersec develops an in-depth understanding of our clients' environments, leverages the efficiencies of cloud economics for modernized on-demand security services, and creates business-aligned solutions that are designed to deliver the clarity and assurance our clients need to effectively manage organizational risk. Infinity Cybersec is a cybersecurity service provider rely on custom built open platform to provide managed security services to in Singapore.


2Pro Automation

In our Security Operation Center, specialists from a wide range of information security fields work for our customers. Our customer base ranges internationally and nationally from industry to commerce, from small to large companies. Our focus is on fast response times and high customer satisfaction.


digIT 4u GmbH

digIT 4u GmbH specializes in the development and maintenance of secure IT infrastructures. One of the company's competencies is the implementation of management systems according to ISO 27001 and VDA / ISA TISAX® standards.


Sabre IT

Sabre IT provides complete technology management and security oversight for businesses. Based on decades of experience, Sabre IT also develops much of the technology used to keep systems securely running 24/7.

We provide security testing, audits, design, technology management and streamlining. Accordingly, we have a strong focus on predictive monitoring and mitigation, mostly developed in-house in order to overcome the inherent limitations and weaknesses of bloated MSP (Managed Service Provider) products, or inherently insecure Cloud based MSP platforms.

We have been using EventSentry for many years. We have designed systems and extensions, to connect with, automate, and utilise the capabilities of EventSentry, resulting in predictive monitoring and mitigation.

New Zealand

Lucid Assurance

Lucid Assurance

Lucid Assurance provides Information, Cyber and Business Security and Assurance services. Lucid; not, Obscure. Assurance; not, Promises! This is the motto we live by! It's all about our own convictions about a product, solution or service; our analysis of what your business needs now; and, may need later! It's about providing you the assurance you deserve, the value you expect, partnership you can depend on; now and ever.

United Arab Emirates


Omnusec, founded in 2015 by IT security administrators with years of experience, has a proven track record of helping companies advance their security profile and optimize their overall IT risk and business continuity management. Omnusec provides security audits, Web and IT environment penetration tests, and social engineering, providing a broad range of capabilities to address today’s security needs. Our comprehensive security tests will bring a new state of security awareness to your organization. Recognizing the importance of reacting to security events in real-time, Omnusec highly recommends EventSentry for real-time log monitoring.