Security Hardening: Check if Sysmon is installed and running


Installing the System Monitor service & driver (Sysmon for short) is a critical step in hardening an organization's security posture due to its advanced monitoring and logging capabilities extending beyond what's available through standard Windows Event Logs. Sysmon provides detailed information about process creations, network connections, file creation timestamps, and more, offering unparalleled visibility into the activities occurring on endpoints.
This granular data allows security teams to detect and investigate suspicious behavior, identify patterns indicative of malware or hacker activity, and understand the context of security incidents more comprehensively. By capturing this level of detail, Sysmon enables organizations to enhance their threat detection, improve incident response times, and establish a more proactive and resilient security framework. This makes it an essential tool in the arsenal against cyber threats, in fact, some rules, suspicious activity, and malware detection are based on information collected by Symon.


It is recommended to deploy sysmon in your network

KB Article on how to install and update sysmon using EventSentry:

More information about Sysmon: