Software Version Checker

Audit the software versions on your network and identify software that is out of date or end-of-life.

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Analyze Installed Software

The EventSentry Web Reports offer a powerful, birds-eye view in the easy to use web interface to review the out of date software on your network.

Event Log Summary

Built-in Reports

EventSentry provides comprehensive out-of-the-box reports to help you meet your compliance requirements. Analyze and confirm file access, account changes, and policy changes.

Built-in Reports

Critical Software Updates

EventSentry will automatically checks the installed software against the current version of over 200+ software packages.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc.

PDF Viewers
Adobe Reader, CutePDF, PDFCreator

Visual Studio Code, Notepad++, Git

Runtime Environments
Microsoft Visual C++, Java, etc.

Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop Manager, mRemoteNG, Teamviewer

Compliance Tracking Features

Compliance tracking intercepts and normalizes security-related events from the Windows event log, and consolidates them in the EventSentry database. This includes Active Directory Change Reporting (e.g. Account Management Tracking) as well as tracking of user activity (e.g. Logon Tracking). In full, compliance tracking includes the following features: