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The default installation of EventSentry includes a Heartbeat group that includes the host for illustration purposes. This host does use up one license which is why you can only add 4 licenses. You can either delete this host from the group rightclick host and select delete or delete the entire group by rightclicking ...

KB-ID 124
Category: Licensing

If you have more than one license key then you can enter multiple licenses keys into EventSentry using the license management feature Tools License Management of the management console. This is a onetime process and only needs to be done on the machine where the management console is installed. If you have more than three license ke...

KB-ID 127
Category: Licensing

License keys that were generated for EventSentry prior to v2.50 will work with all versions of EventSentry including version 2.80. License keys for EventSentry v2.50 and later will only work with versions v2.50 and later they will not work with version 2.43 or any other earlier versions. You can contact our support department if you have...

KB-ID 145
Category: Licensing

NETIKUS.NET provides 5 free licenses for EventSentry to individuals who possess an active MCT certification in a relevant field e.g. Windows Server SQL Server Exchange Server ... to be used in nonproduction environments such has home labs. Please fill out the short form below to receive a free NFR license key of EventSentry. Please all...

KB-ID 318
Category: Licensing
Applies to: All Versions