1 Obtain the specified LDAP server39s certificate: https://ldapwiki.com/wiki/Obtain20a20Certificate20from20Server Note please save it as X.509 Certificate DER type so that the exported file has a der extension. 2 Import this certificate into the Java manager of the web reports. You can do this by running: /opt/EventSentry/WebR...

KB-ID 363
Category: Web Reports
Applies to: 3.0 and newer

The default MySQL permissions do not allow remote connections when using the root account but the root account is needed to create modify or upgrade your EventSentry database. It is also the account normally used for purging data so you may encounter this error when using the database purge utility or the maintenance wizard. You can ...

KB-ID 365
Category: Database
Applies to: All

Group Policy Management is required by the EventSentry ADMonitor Service to detect Group Policy changes and needs to be installed on the machine that is running EventSentry ADMonitor. Group Policy Management can be installed by opening an elevated PowerShell prompt and entering the following command: For Windows Servers Family: InstallWind...

KB-ID 392
Category: ADMonitor
Applies to: 4.0 and later