Delimited Log File Monitoring

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Log File Monitoring lets you monitor every log file on your machines, allowing for both real-time alerts and detailed reporting in the web reports.

Non-Delimited vs. Delimited Log Files

In EventSentry there are two types of log files you can monitor. Identifying the difference is only necessary when you plan on consolidating information to a database. If you do not want any log files consolidated you could use the Non-Delimited file type to set up alerts.

Non-Delimited log files are basically log files that do not follow a consistent pattern and mainly do not contain delimiters of any kind. In delimited log files (aka structured log files) such as IIS each value is separated by a space, DHCP logs use a comma, and many other log files use a semi-colon. Delimited log files are also typically in one line where Non-Delimited log files like NTBackup are split in to several lines.


The depth of this tutorial will cover the out-of-box setup for EventSentry based on pre-defined file types. This tutorial will walk through configuring the IIS file types that are included with the installation, how to set up email alerts based on strings found in the log file, and how to use the web reports to locate detailed information.

  • Updated on: 2015-01-21
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