Please review Requirements in the official EventSentry documentation. EventSentry: Operating System: Windows Server OS Windows 2012 R2 or higher CPU: 4 or more cores Memory RAM: 4 GB minimum / 16 GB total system recommended

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Please follow the steps below prior to upgrading any EventSentry installation: 1. Save a copy of your current settings. Home Export 3.0 and up or File Export 2.93 and older 2. Back up your database see database vendor documentation or KB235 for the builtin database 3. See below to determine if your upgrade path is support...

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If you are unable to deploy the agent to a remote host via the management console then the EventSentry Management Console can generate a MSI file that can be used to install the agent. There are several considerations to take into account before this can be completed: The collector is reachable by the remote hosts Create TCP portforwar...

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The System Monitor service ampamp driver Sysmon for short logs various events mostly in response to process activity that occurs on a system to the MicrosoftWindowsSysmon/Operational event log. Sysmon events are similar to the 4688

KB-ID 437
Category: Application Scheduler
Applies to: 4.1 and later

To move EventSentry and Web Reports: 1 Export your current EventSentry settings from the Management Console toolbar by clicking Home Export. Then transfer this file to your new server. Edit the file in a text editor such as Notepad and do CTRLH find and replace and enter this as the Find value: name of your old server ...

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Applies to: 5.0

Yes the EventSentry agent can be installed inside a Docker container running either Windows Server or Windows Server Core Nano server is NOT supported. Follow the instructions below to install the EventSentry agent on Windows running inside a docker container: Management Console 1. In most cases it39s recommended to add the host nam...

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Category: Installation
Applies to: 5.x