Setting up the EventSentry Web Reports with IIS 6.0

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After spending a bit of time with EventSentry it quickly becomes clear that there is a great deal of information being monitored. On any given network there could be thousands of events occurring within a very short period of time and getting the most from this information is not always easy.

Fortunately, EventSentry provides a web interface which allows you to closely interact with this abundance of information. The EventSentry Web Reports help you to view your network information in context. Using the web interface you can trace back to the root of current issues you may be facing, but it also allows you to keep a close eye on the performance trends on your network and anticipate future problems.

The following steps will show you how to set up the EventSentry Web Reports manually. The tutorial will assume that you have already created a new database and ran the Database Setup Wizard to configure the proper tables.

  • Updated on: 2013-05-16
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