Gateway IP Monitor Update with DynDNS update feature

I’m happy to briefly announce the release of Gateway IP Monitor v1.40 which includes the ability to update a DynDNS host name. We received many feature requests over the last few months, and the ability to update a DynDNS host name was probably the most important one. This feature has been on the list for quite some time, and we finally got around to adding it.

We also cleaned up the user interface (we now have icons!), fixed a few bugs and added the ability to customize the email message.

Remember that Gateway IP Monitor runs as a service and can perform a variety of actions upon an IP address change:

  • Sends an email (SSL support)
  • Updates a DynDNS host name
  • Executes a program
  • Logs the IP address to a file

Remember that we offer support for Gateway IP Monitor through our forums, and please do send us feedback.