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video 2 Create a System Health package labeled Performance Processes Click this package and then in the toolbar the click 39Add39 downdown on the right and then Performance / SNMP Click on Performance / SNMP then click the to add the performance counter: Give it a name such as Process Elapsed Time Add this c...

KB-ID 394
Category: Monitoring
Applies to: 4.0.1 and higher

We can monitor bandwidth jitter latency and packet loss using performance monitoring by monitoring the output of an executable. The command line CLI can be found here: Speedtest CLI Download the above tool and for the purposes of this Howto we...

KB-ID 411
Category: Usage
Applies to: 4.1

Note: This article AND script have been updated on 3/25/2020 to use a more accurate data source please update your script. Countries must now be specified by their English name and NOT by the country code. This article outlines how to monitor current COVID19 stats by displaying on an EventSentry dashboard and/or receiving email alerts u...

KB-ID 416
Category: Monitoring
Applies to: 4.1 or later

Synology diskstations offer a SNMP counter that can be monitored with EventSentry to alert if a system update is available. This information can be obtained by monitoring the upgradeAvailable SNMP OID This counter returns one of the following values: 1: Available 2: Unavailable 3: Connecting 4: Dis...

KB-ID 425
Category: Configuration